"Messy & Exciting!"

In a world of shiny gadgets it can be liberating and relaxing to get a bit messy with clay, and never more so than on the wheel! We offer tuition and facilities for everyone whether beginner, improver or experienced thrower.

Beginners - Learn to throw in 360 minutes!

Throwing a pot on the potter's wheel is something many people aspire to, but learning the basics of throwing requires intensive, hands-on tuition, so beginners throwing is not something we are able to offer in our group pottery classes.


To make throwing more accessible for beginners we have studied the aspects most people struggle with when first learning to throw, and have devised simple, logical techniques which take the mystery out of the craft and will get you throwing in minutes rather than months!

Our unique 360 minute Beginners Throwing Course will quickly get you throwing cylinders and bowls. The 6 hours of intensive tuition is spread over 3 sessions of 2 hours each.


Once you have successfully completed the course you can go on to use the wheel in our group pottery classes and develop your skills to include  "turning" the bottom of your pots, throwing larger pieces, attaching handles, altering thrown pieces etc. The exhilaration and excitement of turning a lump of clay into a beautiful vessel is hard to match, so contact us now to book your course!

Beginners Throwing Course:

- 3 sessions of 2 hours each

- Maximum of two people

- All materials and refreshments provided

- Course fee: €199 per person

Improvers - take a leap forward with us!

Already throwing but still need guidance to improve? Book a Throwing Assessment session with us and we will work with you to identify what is holding you back and devise a strategy to progress past those plateaus we all encounter while mastering a skill.

Many throwing students come to us initially for help with throwing bigger or throwing thinner, but along the way we also aim to help set throwing goals, develop an individual style and, of course, consider the function and decoration of the finished pieces. Having gone through this process with us, a number of our students now even sell their finished ceramics online and at craft fairs.

Having completed the assessment you can then go on to use the wheel in our group pottery classes or book further one-to-one tuition. It's up to you! Contact us now with any questions or to book.

Improvers Assessment :

- 1 session of 2.5 hours

- Maximum two people

- All materials and refreshments provided

- Fee: €80 per person

Experienced thrower - reap the benefits!

If you are already a competent thrower you can still benefit from sharing a studio space with like-minded creative people. It's near impossible to find inspiration in a vacuum, so a number of our students continue to attend weekly classes despite setting up their own home studios since discovering their love for ceramics at Totem!

Experienced throwers are very welcome to attend our regular group pottery classes. When booking your class please be sure to check with us that a wheel will be available and book accordingly. Find class details, including times and fees, here.

Not sure if pottery is for you? Nervous because you are a complete beginner?

Why not check out our gallery of student work and see what you too could achieve at our classes!