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"Just want to say a very big thanks for the weeks intensive course. It was excellent and great value. If I can find the time I will be back this year as I really enjoyed the banter and friendliness that came with the course. It's amazing the difference the wheel, position and clay can make to throwing. Going to buy my own wheel next month as I really enjoy the process and seem to have the bug."

Michael from the UK


"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning. I haven't stopped smiling all day! I would really like to make my place firm for the next couple of months. Just brilliant! X"

Zoë from Gibraltar


"Hi, just got home and wanted to thank you for an eye opening 2 days. Wonderful learning, great team of teachers! Our heads are buzzing, wonderful excited. THANK YOU."

Stuart and Clare from the UK


"I am working with clay since 4 years and soon became addicted, especially to the wheel. I found it hard to make progress during the last years until I met Chad and Suzie. The great infrastructure and the teaching made a big difference. Wow, I am now not only dreaming of big and thin ceramics - I just do it!"

Cornelia from Switzerland


"This is a second course I take at Totem ceramics studio during the last two years. I came all the way from Russia to Andalusia for a vacation that I combined with pottery practicing. I run a pottery studio with classes for kids and grown ups in Moscow. It is always precious for me to communicate with Chad and Suzie. I watch and learn from them how to teach people to throw. Everything is important here: choice of words, movements, instruments, equipment. I use all this knowledge successfully back at home with my own students. We share many interesting professional tricks which is always great fun too. Every time I visit I get a lot of advice, motivation and inspiration both for teaching and throwing and decoration. It is so pleasant to come back and to realize how you have developed since the last time. Totem Ceramics is a place where I practice techniques that I don't have time to work on at home. Now I am practicing to throw high pots for example. Shame they will not fit in a suitcase... )) I send my warmest regards to Chad and Suzie and reserve three full days of classes in the end of June next summer."

Anna from Russia


"First and foremost I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the classes. It was just what I was looking for. No endless hours of centering clay, and being able to practice all steps of the throwing process. I even produced a few items (well, with some help of course… But they were good enough to appear on your Facebook page. So nice to see)! Most important is that I got a lot of valuable tips and all of this in a very relaxed atmosphere. What I also highly appreciated was the effort you made to show me all these different techniques. Very different from my experience in Dutch classes. The only downside is that I have to travel 3000 km South to attend your classes."

Myriam from The Netherlands

Not sure if pottery is for you? Nervous because you are a complete beginner?

Why not check out our gallery of student work and see what you too could achieve at our classes! 

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